4 Islands Excursion

4 Islands Excursion


Ticket Prices

  • Adults - € 38.00 / 1 ticket
  • Children (4-10 y/o) - € 20.00 / 1 ticket
  • Infants (0-3 y/o) - gratis / 1 ticket

Included in the Price

  • Welcome drink
  • 4h boat ride

Krk - Departure


Please arrive at the boat 15 minutes prior to departure so you can embark on a captivating four-hour panoramic journey from the city of Krk towards the picturesque Puntarska Draga, then along the western coast of Krk south of Punta. This route unveils stunning hidden beaches accessible solely by sea. Pass by the Negrit cape and Tranjevo lighthouse towards Lisičnjak Cove and the Golden Beach, offering a mesmerizing coastal exploration.

Departure time for 4 islands excursion
Other monthsAugust & July
1st trip11h - 14h10h - 14h
2nd tripX15h - 19h

Golden Beach - Swimming Break

35 Minutes

After 45 minutes of cruising, we arrive at the Golden Beach, where a 35-minute swimming break awaits. Access the sea via convenient boat ladders. Known for its breathtaking reflection of sunlight on golden-hued rocks, the Golden Beach promises crystal-clear waters that will surely delight you. Following the swim at the Golden Beach, our journey continues towards the Drenova Cove and the beautiful Oprna Beach.

Scenic Cruise to Oprna

Oprna stands as one of the most exquisite beaches in Krk, nestled in a picturesque cove near Stara Baška. From Oprna, you'll catch sight of the panoramic view of Stara Baška, the southernmost settlement on the western coast of Krk.

Kormati Island

Continuing our journey, we veer towards Kormat, renowned for its seagull colony. Witnessing the gulls flocking around the boat is always an unforgettable experience.

Blue Cave

35 Minutes

Continuing our journey, we head towards the island of Plavnik, home to the renowned Blue Cave hidden along its coast. Named for its striking shades of blue, caused by the reflection of the sea on its rocks, the cave boasts an open vault entrance accessible through a passage between the rocks. At the Blue Cave, we offer a 45-minute swimming break for you to enjoy its tranquil waters.

Return to Krk

Following that, we head towards the city of Krk, a journey taking approximately 45 minutes of navigation. We sail alongside the towering cliffs on the western coast of Plavnik, inhabited by griffon vultures. Witnessing these majestic birds in their natural habitat or soaring through the sky is truly awe-inspiring. Along the route lies a fish farm, often serving as a meeting point with dolphins that inhabit this area. Arriving at the port of Krk provides an excellent opportunity to capture photographs of the city from a maritime perspective. Throughout this excursion, you'll have numerous chances to immortalize the impressive natural beauty of Krk and the uninhabited island of Plavnik. It's truly remarkable how many natural wonders can be experienced during this four-hour boat excursion. Enjoy every moment!

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